Is your retail store located in a mall or shopping center? Do you want to grow your client  base? Then you definitely need to review these three
key shopping mall insights from your center operator.

You’ve probably leased a store in a mall or a center because you expect quality sales leads from it. What you should also be getting from your center marketing team are customer insights that will help you take action towards growing your store’s client base. ⠀

These customer insights will help you take action towards growing your client base.

Ask them for these three customer insights:⠀

1. Footfall analysis including traffic heatmap. 

This will show you how many shoppers enter the mall and where they spend the most time. Use this information to discover if your store is too hidden so you can work on your visibility e.g. through increasing signage.

2. Shopper behaviour insights.

This will tell you who the visitors to your center are, what interests them, why they come to the mall and which shops they visit. Use this information to find stores with a similar visitor base but who don’t directly compete with you. Approach these stores to find a way to collaborate e.g. through a joint client event.

Use shopper behavior insights to find non-competitor stores with a similar client base to collaborate with.

3. Shopper loyalty behavior. 

This informs you on how frequent shoppers visit the mall and how they engage with the center’s loyalty program, marketing campaigns and/or apps. Use this information to understand your mall visitor’s loyalty behavior overall and find ways that you can tap into it for your own loyalty program. ⠀

Don’t get this insight from your mall/center operator? Speak to their marketing department today to get access to these insights as soon as possible! ⠀