Grow your revenue from existing customers with 3 simple repurchase activities.Knowing which product to offer to a customer after their initial purchase is an art and science!

Select one of these 3 strategies to increase your repeat purchases in your fashion business.

Sell more of the same product to your existing customers. This is a good strategy if your customer loves a certain item so much they want it in all the colors or if it is a product with limited lifetime like socks or undies.

Sell a different product of similar price than their original purchase to your existing customers. Think about items that complement their initial purchase but stick to a similar price range. This is effective if you know your customer is bound by a certain budget or if you are not yet familiar with their overall spending power.

Sell a higher priced product (compared to their original purchase) to your existing customers. Do this subtly though! Know thy customer. For this to be a successful strategy you need to be confident in your customer’s ability to afford the item and must have already established trust with them.

Have you tried any of these three selling activities? If not, focus on one of those next week to get your repurchase activities up!