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Grow your sales with strategic marketing activities that attract, engage and retain your ideal customers!

Marion van der Krogt, Founder & CEO of Alox Consulting


I'm Marion, a Customer Marketing Strategist.

When fashion, accessories and jewelry brands and designers want to up-level their marketing and at the same time increase revenue by improving customer retention and boosting repeat sales, they reach out to me.

I show them how to improve their marketing and client development activities and improve their overall customer experience delivery.

As an Executive Master of Marketing graduate and former Marketing Manager for international businesses such as Gucci and Mercedes-Benz, my experience comes right from the source. 

I also speak on the topic of Customer Marketing and Shopping Experience around the world, having recently delivered presentations at the largest and most influential retail event in the Asia-Pacific region and at national retail conferences in Southern Asia.

How we can work together

Guides & Tutorials

Shop our online store to get access to our guides and video tutorials, both free and paid, tailored to the fashion, accessories & jewelry industry!

You get to learn directly from our founder & CEO Marion on a variety of marketing topics to help you attract, engage and retain ideal clients for your fashion, accessories or jewelry brand.

Coaching & Consulting

We offer online Q&A calls where you can pick Marion’s brain on any marketing topic you’d like to discuss. 

We also consult you directly through our popular strategy calls and packages where we will work with you to plan and execute your online and offline marketing strategy for your fashion, accessories or jewelry brand.


We are available to speak at your next (online) conference or event on the topics of Customer Marketing, Shopping Experience and Instagram for Business for fashion, accessories and jewelry brands. 

Presentation audiences walk away with actionable strategies relevant to their current role and their brand’s marketing setup.

kind words from clients and partners

  • “Marion was the STAND OUT presenter at the event. This excellent result can be attributed to her excellent presentation structure, her efforts at engaging the audience through fascinating interactive exercises and her poise in delivery that comes from her natural personality, her rehearsal and her hard work.”

    – Michelle B. of Michelle Bowden Enterprises
  • “I had the opportunity to spend some time discussing about my fashion label with Marion where we focused on the branding and communication strategy.  Marion had really insightful input and tips and she made me look at new directions that I did not consider at first. I felt she really understood my vision for my brand and took in consideration the resources (such as budget for instance) that would be available for me to reach it. And the best part was really the follow up where Marion had delivered even more ideas and tips for me to look at.  It was really a time well spent and I would definitely recommend to anyone that feels overwhelmed or need clarity in their business! “

    – Ingrid N. of Le Studio 79
  • “From the start, Marion impressed me with her professionalism in the way she operated. Being always customer-focused, Marion’s strengths are in creatively developing and implementing new CX initiatives; delivering commercially sound and relevant programs; and effectively managing a varied team in a competitive and sometimes tough environment. Personally, I enjoyed working with Marion. Having a friendly smile and being always approachable was respected by many, equally as her ability to firmly stand her ground where appropriate. Marion comes highly recommended.”

    – Brad M. of Automotive Business Intelligence

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Delivering a ‘good’ customer experience is no longer enough. Customers now demand excellence at each touch point along their journey. In order to deliver on these expectations, businesses need customer operations processes and technology that are up to scratch.

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